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Ai Fashion on a Worldwide Stage Ai Fashion on a Worldwide Stage

The First
AI Fashion Week

*Open to All

The Future of Fashion

With over 350 submissions to date, the first ever AI Fashion Week event (20-21 April 2023) will showcase the latest in AI and fashion, featuring cutting-edge AI-generated collections and designs from the most innovative minds in the game.

Pushing boundaries, taking risks and creating something truly unique.

Get ready to experience fashion like never before. AI Fashion Week will showcase the hottest designs in the AI Fashion scene. It will be the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to see where fashion & tech collide in the most epic way.

We are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with Revolve Group to produce a collection from each the top 3 winners bringing the digital AI generated into the real world.

AI Fashion Week provides a unique opportunity for emerging AI fashion designers to showcase their talents and creativity. We believe this platform will be instrumental in the discovery of the next big talent in fashion as it unveils the future of this industry.

So, get ready to level up your style game and join us as we explore the endless possibilities of AI.

Our goal

At AI Fashion Week, we are passionate about the intersection of Fashion & Tech. We believe that the combination of these two worlds can create truly innovative designs and push the boundaries of what is possible in the fashion industry. Our goal is to showcase the latest in AI-generated clothing and virtual runway shows, bringing a fresh perspective to the industry.

We believe that AI technology has the power to change the way we think about fashion and design. By harnessing the power of AI, we can create designs that are truly unique and personalized to individual tastes. We are excited to see the endless possibilities that AI technology can bring to the fashion world, from virtual try-on experiences to personalized clothing recommendations.

Our AI Fashion Week event is dedicated to showcasing the work of the most innovative minds in the industry. From up-and-coming designers to established fashion houses, we bring together a diverse group of creators to share their vision for the future of fashion. With a focus on creativity and innovation, we are confident that our event will be a game-changer for the industry.


Become a Fashion Designer

Unleash your creativity with AI and join the revolution in fashion design with the AI FASHION WEEK – Showcase your innovative AI-generated fashion collection online and in our mobile app.

The top 3 AI fashion collections selected by our jury will be given the opportunity to be supported by our fashion & technology incubator created in partnership with The Revolve Group.

This will allow the winning designers to launch their brand, produce their collection and sell it on a prestigious global e-commerce platform.


We’re proud to be partnering with the Revolve Group, Spring and WHIM digital canvases to present the very first AI Fashion Week 2023


Event in Spring Place New York
April 20-21st 2023.

Join us as we explore the cutting edge of fashion and technology and discover the exciting possibilities of AI !

The Winners

The first edition of AIFW Winners are:

Jose Sobral aka Paatiff

Matilde Mariano


Featured in
Showcasing New Fashion

AI Fashion Week provides a platform for designers to showcase their latest AI-generated designs, giving them the opportunity to present their work to a wider audience and potentially gain new customers and clients.

Pushing the boundaries

By hosting a fashion week dedicated to AI, we are encouraging designers to think outside the box and experiment with new technologies and techniques. This can lead to more innovative designs and push the boundaries of what's possible in the fashion industry.

Creating a new market

AI Fashion Week will help to create a new market for AI-generated clothing and designs, opening up new opportunities for designers and businesses. It may also change consumer buying behavior, as people may become more open to buying clothing designed by AI Tech. This could lead to changes in consumer tastes and preferences, which could also affect the fashion industry.

Raising awareness

By hosting The AI Fashion Week, we aim to raise awareness of the potential of AI in the fashion industry, encouraging more designers and businesses to explore the possibilities of this technology.


As part of our Jury, we are currently forming a panel of highly respected fashion industry experts to vote on the top 10 final collections.
More to be announced very soon…

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