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Annatarian – Harmonia

AI Designer Info

Anna Leighton

Age: 49

Country: USA / Los Angeles

Tool Used: Midjourney

Social: Instagram

‘Harmonia’ is an ancestral journey that honors the past, present, and the eternal dance of the cosmos. Drawing inspiration from the living canvas of Athenian graffiti juxtaposed with its ancient ruins, each garment embodies the duality of our existence and peace, decay and growth, tradition and non-conformity.

With motifs that range from the grandeur of the Renaissance to the solemnity of angels and the serenity of peace doves, ‘Harmonia’ is also a mosaic of multicultural artistry. It merges the artistic legacies of diverse cultures, manifesting a collection that is a testament to the potent presence of harmony amidst our global diversity.

The collection boldly champions the notion that advocating for peace is the new revolution, as punk as it gets in a world torn by conflict.

The walls that once divided us are transformed into bridges. Fashion becomes the canvas for our common humanity, painting a future where every garment is a peace treaty woven with the threads of harmony.