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Aria Phenix

AI Designer Info

Aria Phenix

Age: 20 (Virtual / Creator: 37)

Country: Brazil – São Paulo

Tool Used: Midjourney

Social: Instagram

The IPANEMA RESORT COLLECTION 2023 collection is a tribute to the wonderful sensations I experience when I am at the stunning beach of Ipanema during sunset. The shades that the sunset gives to the city – yellow, orange, and violet – create an impressive spectacle. The light filtered through the salty mist of the sea, which caresses the soft and clear sand, adds a touch of mystery and romance to the air.

The girls from Ipanema, true muses who exude beauty in their unique and feminine curves, are another spectacle. They have rhythm and they have sway, and they lend me all that Brazilian beauty to present the Resort 2023 collection, Ipanema.

The light and flowing cotton fabrics that I chose for the clothes were inspired by the magical colors of the sunset. The collection features different shapes created to enhance the beauty of all types of feminine bodies. The embroidered laces recall the salty foam of the sea, and the bags and hats made with handmade straw braids produced by cooperatives in the northeast value natural materials and ancient manual techniques.

No shoes in this collection – just bare feet, feeling the softness of the sand underfoot. And no closed locations when you have one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world within reach. The collection’s fashion show takes place on the sands of Ipanema beach, as the sun bids farewell and the night begins to fall, displaying a spectacle of colors, contrasts, and intensity, and the magic happens.


Front Row / Backstage / Streetstyle before the show.