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#2 Matilde Mariano

Designer Info

Matilde Mariano

Age: 27

Country: Portugal / Lisbon

Tool Used: Midjourney / Photoshop

Social: Instagram

Step into a world where fashion and nature blend together.
This collection draws inspiration from the greenery of nature and the delicate beauty of flowers, bringing them to life through organic materials and lightweight fabrics that create a dreamy, ethereal feel, transporting us to a magical realm.

Each piece is designed to embrace all body types and merge seamlessly with the skin, creating a harmonious balance between fashion and comfort.

The show takes place in the stunning Jardins des Tuileries, in Paris, making it the perfect setting to embrace the surroundings.

We all have a social and environmental responsibility, and my collection is a tribute to nature and its preservation, making it more than just a fashion statement; it is a call to action for a sustainable future.

Let my designs inspire you to make a difference, and create a world where fashion and nature exist in harmony, and social responsibility is at the heart of everything