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Neon Pulse by Ibán Ragel López

Designer Info

Neon Pulse – Ibán Ragel López

Age: 39

Country: Spain

Tool Used: Midjourney

Social: ibanragel

This concept is born from a recurring desire to imagine an upcoming future. It’s a future in which the fusion of a sophisticated urban style and our dynamic daily lives seamlessly integrates with technology, all while we aspire to be distinctive and leave a strong impression in everything we do.

“Neon Pulse” represents a fusion of precise and expert tailoring with bold, unconventional, and striking design elements. The collection incorporates avant-garde details and silhouettes while maintaining a high level of craftsmanship. This concept is likely to appeal to individuals who appreciate the artistry of traditional tailoring and the bold, avant-garde spirit of fashion.

The new way of viewing tailoring, using exaggerated forms and deconstructing classic pieces to create new shapes and silhouettes, brings us closer to a much more vivid, youthful, and refreshed summer.

“Neon Pulse” embraces the conscious and responsible pursuit of new ways to utilize sustainable colors and materials, making use of vegan materials such as Mycelium and Algae for the most demanding garments.

All of this, combined with vibrant seasonal colors, will result in an innovative, daring, and prominent collection for SS24.


Front Row / Backstage / Streetstyle before the show.