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À La Carte by Maria Vinagre

Designer Info

À La Carte – Maria Vinagre

Age: 39

Country: Portugal/France

Tool Used: Midjourney

Social: mariavinagreincrime

À La Carte is my new IRL sustainable clothing brand. We produce unique shirts with stock fabrics and second hand tablecloths, reducing over production and waste.

Our primary target audience, the sophisticated and eco-conscious european fashionistas, find themselves trapped in a cycle of excessive clothing production and the discarding of valuable stock fabrics.

This AI collection aims to explore new clothing pieces and materials to improve the way we cohabit with the environment. This is why my interest weren’t shirt, but new pieces like full suits, skirts, trenches, trousers and accessories.

The next important thing behind it was also to expand the materials we can use, having in mind always the sustainability of our production. Besides the tablecloths and stock fabrics, beautiful carpets can be transformed into coats and puffers. Teddy animals be the main source for our accessories collection bringing new life and joy to a world that needs more brightness.


Front Row / Backstage / Streetstyle before the show.