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Boldly Brutalist by Magno Montero

Designer Info

Boldly Brutalist – Magno Montero

Age: 32

Country: Spain

Tool Used: Midjourney, Runway

Social: magno.montero

This collection has been conceived as an irruption of the Brutalist architectural style while maintaining its core aesthetic elements: raw and unfinished concrete, simple and bold geometric shapes, and a monumental, even monolithic effect.

We tried to achieve a breakthrough in the style by incorporating organic shapes and asymmetries, that disrupt the linear and sharp geometry of Brutalism. Key elements that have been present in all our past collections, such as volumes and ruffles are not the exception this time.

The choice of location for this show is entirely intentional. We’ve selected a building under construction where the raw, unfinished concrete on the walls and floors provides the perfect complement to our pieces and the architectural aesthetics to which we are referring.

Even though it was initially conceived for AW24, we’ve considered “Boldly Brutalist” as an allegory to timelessness, evident in the colour palette and the versatility of most of the designs.



Front Row / Backstage / Streetstyle before the show.