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Aetheria by Dmitrii Rykunov

Designer Info

Dmitrii Rykunov

Age: 28

Country: USA / New York

Tool Used: Midjourney

Social: Instagram

In our newest Fall/Winter collection, we envision a world where fashion and nature intertwine, where the classic and the cutting-edge blend seamlessly, and where the garden’s beauty transforms into a living canvas. Within this collection, we pay homage to the spirit of resilience, embracing the rich, vibrant colors inspired by nature’s finest hues.

Oversized and structured silhouettes stand as a tribute to strength, a reminder that even in the colder months, nature’s charm endures. Just as a flower may face adversity in the form of soil, weather, and pests, yet ultimately blossoms into something truly beautiful.

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability remains steadfast. We weave eco-friendly materials into our creations and practice the art of upcycling. These choices ensure that our passion for fashion coexists harmoniously with the well-being of our planet.