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Barbara Fumarola – Pop Geometry

Designer Info

Barbara Fumarola

Age: 40

Country: Italian based in The Netherlands

Tool Used: Midjourney

Social: (offline)

“Pop Geometry” Collection by Candy Design: Sustainable Fashion for All Genders
This cutting-edge collection pays homage to the vibrant intersection of pop colors, geometric shapes, and ecological sustainability. Crafted entirely from recycled plastic, “Pop Geometry” is a bold and conscious fashion statement designed to inspire individuals of all genders.

Pop Colors and Explosive Joy
The “Pop Geometry” collection is a celebration of vivid and bold colors. Pink, azure, yellow, and green take center stage, capturing the joy and energy of pop art. These bright colors are perfect for expressing your personality, radiating optimism and vitality wherever you go.
Distinct Geometric Shapes
Geometric shapes are at the heart of the “Pop Geometry” collection. Triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles creatively intertwine, creating a harmonious balance between precise forms and vibrant colors. Each garment is a true work of art where shapes merge with colors to create a unique and captivating look.

Sustainability at the Core of Fashion
At Candy Design, we firmly believe in the importance of a sustainable approach to fashion. The “Pop Geometry” collection is primarily made from recycled plastic, showcasing that eco-friendly fashion can be trendy and stylish. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, contributing to the cause of safeguarding our planet.

For All Genders
The “Pop Geometry” collection is designed to embrace all genders. Our inclusive design philosophy ensures that each piece is suitable for anyone, regardless of gender identity. We take pride in promoting equality and diversity through fashion.

Express Your Personality with “Pop Geometry”
Whether you are bold and outgoing or more reserved and contemplative, the “Pop Geometry” collection allows you to express your unique personality. Choose the garment that reflects yourself, add a pop of color, and let the geometric shapes tell your story.