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Unarmed Men by Gianluca Traina

Designer Info

Gianluca Traina

Age: 39

Country: Italy, Palermo

Tool Used: Midjourney / Photoshop

Social: gianluca_traina

The “Unarmed Men” collection unfolds in Palermo, merging the ancient and the present in a powerful statement against the militarized imagery we’ve grown accustomed to. It reimagines military tactical wear as a form of personal sanctuary, where exaggerated shapes and volumes convey protection, not threat.
Neutral shades inspired by military and natural environment (beige, olive green, gray) reflect Palermo’s historic textures, celebrating a deep connection to culture and place. The pieces balance bespoke tailoring with practical innovation, offering everyday armor that’s more about humanity than warfare.
As these garments stride through Palermo’s streets, they challenge traditional men’s fashion, turning it into a sensory narrative where protection symbolizes love and care for oneself and others. “Unarmed Men” is where design intersects with conscience, transforming military motifs into emblems of peace, and urging us to reconsider the role of warlike aesthetics in our daily lives.



Front Row / Backstage / Streetstyle before the show.