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Alves Knop

Designer Info

Alves Knop

Age: 42

Country: Brazil / São João Nepomuceno

Tool Used: Midjourney

Social: Instagram

When, how and where do senses and meanings meet and cause this multiple and contingent?

It is an enchantment of the gaze; in a deep breath; in a comforting silence; in a touch that soothes and nurtures the soul; in a surprising taste; and in sounds that comfort… in short, in a special encounter, in a rebirth, in a new conquest.

This is being at the edge! Allow yourself to go beyond pure reason, letting the senses emerge in the glow of every idea and detail present in the becoming of the world and life.

It is in this atmosphere that Julia Carrero’s “Flor da Pele” collection – winter 24/25 takes us to open the windows of the soul’s eyes and penetrate Monet’s Garden, symbolizing the femininity and romanticism of strong women in their fragilities.

The fabrics used are light, reminiscent of the wind’s breath over the garden, moving our gaze from one side to the other, trying to keep up with its fluidity. Textured and embroidered fabrics symbolize the soft touch of a rose, while satin and frills make us dive into Monet’s water garden.
In particular, fabrics with slight interferences of stripes and transparency were added, referring to Monet’s windows and curtains (the main inspiration for this collection is a closer look at the garden through the windows).

Thus, inspiration was sought for the color combination in the Monet garden collection because it is contemplated with the most varied shades of green, blue, and pink, including white (which remind us of the life of the garden, the curtains of the windows, and also a blank canvas and the off-white of the wall of his house, respectively).

The modeling brings the perfume of the “belle époque,” with puffy sleeves, a well-defined waist, a high collar, and influences from the garden and house architecture, which present square cutouts and slits
Cutouts on the chest forming protection shields, to show all the strength and struggle of women together with their femininity blossoming at all times. Flowers and leaves could not be missing, mixing in the garden and in the running and localized prints, which finally conceptualize the collection pieces.


Front Row / Backstage / Streetstyle before the show.