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Gianluca Traina

Designer Info

Gianluca Traina

Age: 39

Country: Italy, Palermo

Tool Used: Midjourney / Photoshop

Social: Instagram

The city of Samarkand has always been considered one of the most precious gems of Central Asia, located along the famous Silk Road, in today’s Uzbekistan. Its privileged geographical position, at the crossroads of many trade routes, has made it a place of great cultural and artistic exchange, which has influenced not only the region but the entire world.

The city of Samarkand was one of the most important cities of antiquity, not only for its strategic position along the Silk Road, but also for its cultural and architectural richness. The city is characterized by majestic palaces, mosques and madrasas, with blue domes and richly decorated mosques. These architectural elements have been taken up in this fashion collection and reinterpreted in a modern key.

The new “Samarkand” collection was inspired precisely by the aesthetic beauties of Samarkand, a place where history and art mix in a sublime way. The colors of the city, blue and ochre, have been taken up in the collection, and have been combined with the warmer tones of earth and gold.

The predominant colors of the fabrics used in this collection have been chosen to recall the atmosphere of Samarkand, with its blue sky and blue decorative mosaics. However, the collection is not only based on the colors, but also on the fabrics used, such as wool and linen, which enhance the beauty and workmanship of the garments.

The fabrics chosen for the creation of the garments are worked and structured on layers, able to adapt perfectly to the body and allow freedom of movement. The workmanship has been treated in detail, with particular attention to the quality of the materials.

The collection includes smart and casual suits, jackets and trousers, all featuring a clean, no-nonsense design. The cut is essential and linear, in order to highlight the beauty of the fabrics.

But it’s not just the aesthetic aspect that has been taken up in the fashion collection. Samarkand is a city that embodies the values of tradition, beauty and refinement. These are the values that have been incorporated into the collection, giving life to clothes that stand out for their elegance and sobriety.

The new fashion collection inspired by the city of Samarkand is a tribute to the beauty and majesty of one of the oldest and most fascinating cities in the world. The combination of colors and fabrics, the attention to detail and the sobriety of the design give life to unique garments, capable of expressing all the refinement and beauty of the city’s aesthetic values.



Front Row / Backstage / Streetstyle before the show.