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CELESTIQUE by Tanushri Roy

Designer Info

CELESTIQUE – Tanushri Roy

Age: 38

Country: United Arab Emirates


Social: tandesign_me

“CELESTIQUE,” unveiled at AI Fashion Week Season 2 in Milan, is a sartorial homage to the cosmos’s infinite enigma. Inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope’s celestial revelations, this 20-piece collection transcends ordinary fashion, offering a journey into the depths of space and the realms of digital fantasy. Embracing the profound allure of the universe’s darkness, “CELESTIQUE” reflects the human yearning to explore the unfathomable, crafting an aesthetic odyssey from the enigmatic shadows of space itself.

Imbued with hues drawn from the galactic tapestry—Midnight Blue, Black, white and silver—and finished with the starlike shimmer, the collection is a wardrobe forged in the heart of distant nebulas. It’s an interstellar dance between the ephemeral and the eternal, marrying the thrill of space’s next frontier with the cherished echoes of Y2K fashion. “Celestial Mystique” is a narrative in textures and tones, a fashion experience that transcends wearability and invites us into a cosmic ballet of shadow, light, and color.

This collection stands as a beacon of the new era, where the intrigue of the night sky merges seamlessly with avant-garde style. With silhouettes hinting at unseen worlds and fabrics that mirror the sheen of celestial bodies, “Celestial Mystique” is more than just attire—it’s a portal to the sublime, beckoning the wearers to partake in the grand cosmic journey. It’s a bold stride into the unknown, where each garment becomes a vessel for transcendent discovery and a testament to the timeless connection between humanity and the vast universe.



Front Row / Backstage / Streetstyle before the show.