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Valemi by Valentina Michelazzi

Designer Info

Valemì – Valentina Michelazzi

Age: 37

Country: Florence, Italy

Tool Used: midjourney for images and Kaiber for video

Social: valentina.michelazzi

A fashion show inspired by the most cutting-edge architectures of our time, celebrating dynamic, curvilinear forms and unconventional materials. The Valemì collection highlights the fusion of fashion, creativity, innovation, and art, accentuating the beauty of today’s woman: strong, bold, independent, yet also capable of being soft, nurturing, and extremely elegant. The true protagonist of this collection is leather, a material that gives life to unusual volumes, enhanced by various types of craftsmanship rooted in the Florentine tradition. Its versatility blends with other sustainable fabrics, each characterized by different textures and softness, from silk organza to wool, to linen muslin. Each fabric has been carefully chosen to create a visual and tactile dialogue that challenges conventions. Models move in a surreal and imaginative environment reminiscent of a modern winter garden with dreamlike references to contemporary architecture.


Front Row / Backstage / Streetstyle before the show.